Super CAS card – Lots of hearts!


Today I’m going for a really CAS (clean and simple) card – partly for time and partly because I really like the simplicity.

I did something on this card that I didn’t realize would be a problem until I photographed it. I layered white card stock on top of a dark patterned paper. I love the effect in person but in the photo the deep blue of the patterned paper comes through the white. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get the white balance and went back to re-shoot it and realized that you could see the darker paper through the white if you look carefully … and the camera looks carefully! Oh well, the card works and that’s the most important part. However, lesson learned: from a blogging perspective try to avoid layering white over dark. ūüôā

I used 2 stamps on this card, both of which came from the $1 bin at Michael’s! I love it when that happens – finding stamps that I really like (and use!) in the bargain bin! It balances out the ones that are a bit pricey that I just “have to ” have!!

I stamped the heart stamp across my white card stock using my stamp-a-ma-jig. Love that thing! I always thought I’d never use one – – – ¬†until I used it the first time. It makes it so simple to get your image stamped in just the right place (especially useful when you need to repeat a stamp). ¬†I stamped each row in a different color from a ColorBox pigment ink Queue – Jellybeans and one row with Stampin’ Up ink Brilliant Blue. Love was stamped with Stampin’ Up Tempting¬†Turquoise. I highlighted the hearts around Love with Baby Blue Stickles for a bit of twinkle. ¬†

As I said earlier, I mounted the white stock on the blue dotted pattern paper and mounted that on a white card base.

A fun self challenge, buy a bargain stamp like these and see how many different ways you can use it! It’s lots of fun and you feel really good about the money you saved!

Thanks for looking and I hope (as always) that you have been encouraged to be creative.




Beat the heat with frosty friends!


Well, it’s summer in Phoenix which means HOT! It’s pretty common in Phoenix to have temps hang around the 110 mark for days in the summer but knowing it’s the norm doesn’t make it any less hot. I’m sure you’ve heard the routine answer to the question of the heat in AZ is to reply with “…but it’s a dry heat”…. NOT! Well, not always. Yes, I’ll concede that most of the time that is true and to those who have lived in humid climates will attest, being dry¬†definitely¬†makes heat more¬†tolerable. However, what many don’t know is ¬†that we have a monsoon season in Phoenix. Yeah, I know you tend to equate monsoons with a more tropical (rainy) environment but even here in the heart of the desert, we have a monsoon season. It last from mid June through the end of September and produces some pretty intense storms and some newsworthy dust storms. ūüôā ¬†During our monsoon season, we have a much more humid climate….. YUCK! Give me the dry heat any day!

Anyway, you didn’t come here to read a weather report – did you? I digress into the weather to explain why I’m making a card with snowmen in July. It is hot and I wanted to think of something that was not hot. I thought if I played with frosty friends for a while I could pretend it’s that time of year. It worked pretty well – until I had to go outside again!

I used the absolutely adorable stamp set from Lawn Fawn “Making Frosty Friends”. If you haven’t seen it, you should take a look. It has 2 cute basic snowmen and lots of fun accessories to build you own snowy friends. Also from Lawn Fawn, I stamped the sentiment using Sally’s ABCs set. It has become my favorite (and I’m getting better at using it!)

I wanted to keep the card pretty clean and simple with a bright pop of color. I stamped the 2 snowmen and let me tell you it took me awhile to get them right. (I have lots of discards!!). Because I didn’t want to color them in any way, I had to mask the image so I would not have the lines of one snowman cutting through the body of the other where I had¬†the overlap as you can see in the image below.

I had a couple of options, the first being to add a cut out copy of the smaller snowman over the original but since I was going to add the scarf as an added piece I didn’t want to have another layer.

The second option (which I opted for) was to mask one of the ¬†snowman when I stamped the other. With masking , you stamp the snowman that you want to use as a mask on your project and again on a separate piece of card stock. Cut out the spare and with repositional tape, tape it over the one you stamped on your project. Then, stamp your other snowman where you’d like and the mask will prevent the outline of the two from merging! Clear as mud? ūüôā

The same process works for adding the hat. You want to think it out carefully before you start or you will have lots of out-takes   Р  like I do! You need to stamp the top hat first then mask it off before stamping the snowman that you want to wear it. You really have to think in layers! I was starting to get really frustrated and had to stop and remind myself that I do this for fun not to make myself nuts! Another note, keep the masks and save them with the stamp set so the next time you want to do this, you already have masks!

Next step was to dress my little men. The accessories in the LF set are so cute. I decided I wanted to stamp the scarf and knit cap from another paper rather than stamping them directly on my card. I did stamp the scarf on my card first however, so that I would get the fringe without having to try to cut it out. I stamped the cap on white and pink and pieced the pink part on the white cap and then added both to my card. The set also comes with a set of ear muffs that are adorable and some mittens and a really cute broom … it was a hard choice! I think I will be making a lot of snowmen cards!

I finished the snowmen with their eyes, carrot noses, cute little smiles, coal buttons and limbs for arms Рso much fun (kinda like paper dolls!!)  I then added their feathered friend and gave him a matching scarf.

I added the sentiment and free-handed a skinny border around the image and mounted it on the same pink card stock – I slightly distressed the edges. I mounted the pink on my white card base and there you go!

It was a little frustrating because I stamped before I thought. The one thing I would stress is to think out the card before you start to stamp. However, once I finally sorted it out, I was able to relax and have fun again. Make sure you have fun – that’s the idea!!

I hope you enjoyed this and that it wasn’t as rambling as it feels! Most of all, I hope it inspires you to try it – to create your own snow friends!

I look forward to seeing  you again. Remember, I love to hear from you!



A new twist!


This card took me in a totally different direction…. I drew it.

Often, I will sketch out a card design…. not that I follow it (!) but it gives me a jumping off point. Lately, I’ve been sketching them on my iPad. ¬†My husband was looking at the sketches and said some of these “are” cards – why don’t you use them? My first reaction was “I can’t do that – I can’t draw!” These sketches are for me. As I looked at them, I had to agree that some of them were exactly what I wanted the finished card to look like. In many cases, the finished card doesn’t look like my sketch because the stamp I use isn’t like my drawing and the sentiment is¬†definitely not like my handwriting¬†. ¬†I use the sketch as an idea – for example this sketch would remind me I wanted to make a “thinking of you” card with flowers and a layout “somewhat” like this and using the colors indicated.

So, I decided to test this. I printed out the sketch and mounted it on a soft lilac cards stock to pick up the color in the flowers and mounted both on Kraft cards stock. ¬†I did this with a few of my sketches and will post them over the next few days. I feel a little like I’m cheating since I didn’t stamp anything! I think I will play around with ways of combining the two.

I hope you like it and that it will really inspire you to create and that you will also be willing to step outside your comfort zone and try.  Let me know how it works for you!




Just Saying……

Covers it all!

Hi and if you’ve visited before, WELCOME BACK and if it’s your first visit, WELCOME (and I hope you’ll like it here and come back often!).

This has been a crazy week, so I’m showing a card I made last month for a friend’s birthday. In spite of how many birthday cards I seem to make, I really like cards like this that you can use for different situations. These are great cards to keep in your “grab and go” (or the OMG, I forgot!) stash! I leave the inside blank until I’m ready to use it and then it only takes a few ¬†minutes to finish the inside with the appropriate greeting.

The flower stamp I used is from a cling stamp set by Ditto for Hampton Arts. Cute set of 2 flowers, but for the life of me I can’t find a name for the set!! ¬†I even tried my trick of scanning the barcode with my phone and got the “sorry we don’t have this item in our database” – grrrrrrr!

I stamped the flower multiple times on black card stock with my old friend VersaMark ink and embossed with a yellow EP from All Night Media. Really bright yellow, almost neon but lots of fun on black! Be really careful when embossing on black to get all the stray EP off or you will have lots of bright yellow flecks where you don’t want them! There are some tools out that are supposed to help with this but I have yet to try them. You can use a dryer sheet but I honestly haven’t found that to be a big help. Having said that, I don’t know how big a mess it might be if I wasn’t using it…. ūüôā ¬†If you use one that you really like, leave me a comment and let me know.

After embossing, I cut the card stock down using Nestabilities Deckled Rectangles and my big shot. Honestly, I’m an eyeballer most of the time (which explains why my cards are often a bit crooked!). Not to say I don’t measure but with this project, I choose the size of the Nestie by picking out the part of the stamped area that I liked. I tried laying out the larger die and I didn’t like what was framed so I went with the smaller one which gave me more yellow card stock showing. I did measure the yellow card stock 1/4″ smaller than the black base card stock.

I love the “just saying” stamp. It’s from the Grand Greetings set by Lawn Fawn. I have developed a Lawn Fawn addiction! The stamp actually says “Just saying HELLO” but I only inked the just saying part. If you haven’t seen this set, you should take a look at it – really fun large sentiments.

I finished it off with a slim black ribbon, which I still can’t really decide if I like or not – ¬†but what’ the point in second guessing it now – right? My friend Patsy liked it and that’s what matters since it was her birthday!

That’s today’s card, hope you like it and it inspires you to create something.



Another birthday card – must be June!

Welcome back!

Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was way too short. (how does that happen?)

Today’s card is another birthday card! However, it could easily be used for other things by changing the sentiment. For example, you could add a “you’re so sweet” or “Hey¬†Cupcake!” or maybe “Hi Sweetie” or even “Everything is better with a cupcake!” or “life is sweet” or “how sweet it is” or just plain “celebrate” ¬†….. you get the idea. BUT, in this case, it is another birthday card!!

I got to use one of my favorite techniques again – emboss resist. I never get tired of this! (I hope you don’t either!) I stamped the cupcakes with a couple of cupcake stamps from Inkadinkado’s ¬†set “Birthday Cupcakes” on white card stock with VersaMark ink. I embossed some with clear embossing powder and some with pink (clear is from Stampin’ Up – I really like their clear ep and the pink is Blushing Pink from Stampendous). ¬†Using an ink blending tool, I covered the card stock with Worn Lipstick Distress ink. I use an almost dry baby wipe to remove any excess in from the embossed areas. I find if the baby wipe is too damp, it makes the card stock curl. I then let it dry completely before stamping a few more cupcakes with VersaMark and embossed with All Night Media’s blue embossing powder. You have to let it dry really well or when you sprinkle the blue powder, it will stick to anything that is wet…. trust me….. ¬†ūüôā

I attached a blue polka dot ribbon to the front of the card stock with my tape gun ¬†– wrapping the edges around the back about 1/2 in on each side…. no need to waste ribbon where it won’t be seen!

I attached the embossed stock to the red card base. I stamped the sentiment “Sweet birthday wishes” also from the Birthday Cupcakes set on the same red card stock with VersaMark and embossed with white embossing powder. I mounted it over the ribbon with foam dimensionals. I added the heart from “Lovely Hearts” a fun set of hearts by EK Success and the jewels that are from a big container in my stash!! I really don’t know who makes them …. but they¬†sure are cute and come in really handy! ¬†The icing on the cake (so to speak!) is Stickles from Ranger in Cotton Candy.

That’s the card! Hope you like it and that it inspire you to create.¬†¬†Please subscribe if you‚Äôre having fun so you can get updates as I get to them.



Watercolor Fun!

Welcome back!

It is Friday – yippee!!¬†Again in Friday Fashion, I wanted a friendship card. I wanted to make a card for my girlfriend in England (shhh, don’t tell her!). We Skype regularly (and lengthily I might add – God bless Skype!!) but we don’t get to see each other often. I also thought I’d play with water-color……

Lets start with the water-color image: this little puppy is just so darn cute isn’t he? He was from Playful Pets by Adam Pescott – it was¬†a “freebie” with Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine. ¬†I’ve had them for quite a while but had not used them. I thought they were a bit too detailed for my liking – I usually tend to lean toward really clean simple lines but I decided to test one since it was such a cute image. I was really surprised at how much I liked it after I stamped it. Lesson for the day: always test new stamps – you might find something you really like!!! ¬†Throw all of the tests in a box and when you need a quick card, you’ve got a head start!!

I stamped my new little friend on water-color paper with black Stazon Ink. I messily colored him with water-color pencils and “lightly” brushed the image with a water-color brush after applying each color to blend it. I’m not an artist, so water-color is a real “hit and miss” with me. I’m just learning how to shade colors so they are not just a blob! I really want to try Copic markers but to be honest, they scare me! I see people work with them and they blend and shade and make it look so effortless and I just know it will not be that simple – but I digress! Back to my little watercolor puppy!

I chose a pretty pink for my card base – cut and folded to 4.25 x5.5 horizontal. The patterned papers are from the All About Girls paper pack from DCWV. Fun mini pack – cute girly papers! I went with the green polka dot that is embossed and glittery (hard to see in the photo) for sort of preppy look with a kick! ¬†I cut it 1/4″ smaller than the card base and round the bottom corners of the dotted paper and the card base so they would nest. I cut a strip from the colorful plaid paper – I turned the paper so it would be on the diagonal rather that a straight (squared) plaid ¬†just for a bit of interest. I took a chance and stamped the sentiment “I miss you” from the Whimsy Greetings stamp set from TPC Studio directly on the patterned paper with ColorBox dark brown chalk ink. I held my breath while I did it. I’m always afraid I’m going to mess it up when I do that and then have to go into recovery mode!! ūüôā

I adhered my watercolor puppy with foam dimensionals and added a little faux stitching with a white gel pen. It was really a pretty simple card.

Have a great Friday!

Thanks for coming by. Please subscribe if you’re having fun so you can get updates as I get to them.


btw, I’m liking this blogging business! Who knew?

Red, white and blue – not just for flags!


I was intrigued by a challenge on Splitcoaststampers to make a card using red/white/blue and it did not have to be patriotic. I decided to up the challenge for my self and said it “couldn’t” be patriotic!

I started with red card stock as the base. I did an emboss resist technique on white card stock. I stamped the flourish stamp from Inkadinkado’s Organic Fabric Flourishes with my dear friend Versamark ink and embossed with clear embossing powder. Using an ink blending tool, I inked over the embossed images with Stampin’ Up Brilliant Blue ink. I really love emboss resist – almost like magic!!

I mounted the embossed piece on a deep blue card stock . I rounded the corners of the base as well as the layers so they all nested together. I stamped the sentiment “Sending LOVE” from Lawn Fawn’s Grand Greetings in Scarlet pigment ink on white card stock. Added some faux stitching in red around the sentiment and mounted it with foam dimensionals. I finished it off with some baby pearls and flowers from my stash (sorry, not sure who’s they are – my guess would be Michael’s).

As always, thanks for looking and I hope it inspires you to create!



Let’s patch things up

Hi! I hope you enjoyed your weekend – they go by soooo fast!

This was such a fun card to make. I really love the Bright Side paper from Lawn Fawn – really colorful and fun. I wanted to use several of them so I decided to do a patchwork design. I cut the paper that I wanted to use in strips 1″ wide and adhered them to a piece of plain (copy) paper side by side. I then turned the paper so the “stripes” made by the side by side papers were horizontal and I cut across those stripes into 1″ strips. I then had 6 1″ strips made up of 4 1″ squares. (clear as mud?) I then laid these out so that it formed the patchwork pattern and trimmed it to a square.

I laid my new patchwork square on the Kraft cardstock and with a pencil traced the outline lightly onto the Kraft stock. This way I could move the patchwork out of my way while I stamped “im sorry” around the square. I wanted it to be simple, so I chose to use all lower case and to omit the apostrophe. (my apologies to those who grammar¬†sensibilities¬†I’ve offended!) I stamped this with Dark Brown Chalk ink using Lawn Fawn’s Sally’s ABCs (which was a birthday present to this Sally!) It’s such a cute font! I stamped the little heart with a tiny heart stamp from Lawn fawn’s Love N Breakfast. I stamped it with Color Box Chalk ink in Alabaster and it was really too light on the Kraft card stock, so I drew over it with a white gel pen.

I tied the¬†lavender¬†ribbon around the patchwork part before adhering it to the Kraft stock. I was originally going to layer the patchwork directly on the Kraft card base but I felt it needed a bit of color, so I cut a piece of¬†lavender¬†card stock the same size as the card front and attached it to the base. Then I adhered the Kraft card stock on the¬†lavender. ¬†I wanted the play on the word patch so I stamped it ¬†in the upper case of Sally’s ABCs on a small square of the same lavender card stock. I stamped the rest of the sentiment using a set of itsy-bitsy letter stamps by Hampton Arts – Studio G. I finished up with some faux stitching.

I hope you enjoyed this card – I really had fun making it. At this time, I don’t have anyone to give it to – hopefully it will stay in my stash for a long time! But it’s so cute, I might have to pick a fight so I have someone to send it to! ūüėČ

My hope (as always) is that it will inspire you to create.



If you have any questions, you can leave a comment or send me an email through the contact tab above. Some things are just not easy follow without a visual (or is that just me??)!

Letterpress Fun!

Hi – It’s FRIDAY!!!

In true Friday fashion – let’s make a happiness card. This was lots of fun to make – a little messy but hey it’s not real if you don’t have ink all over you! Actually, it doesn’t have to be messy – I think that’s just me being messy. The is the faux letterpress technique. I used an embossing folder “Bird Call” and inked the raised side. You can play with your embossing folders when you do this and try changing the side you ink …. you get radically different images.

Just a note: your embossing folders clean up with water. I have a couple that are slightly discolored (probably the difference in the ink I used) but it doesn’t change the way it embosses. I would not try using a Stazon ink but again, I doubt that it would really hurt the folder.

Well, life got in the way and I didn’t finish Fridays post until Saturday morning….. sorry!

Where was I? ¬†Oh right, I was inking my embossing folder with Stampin’ Up Dusty Durango ink and running the folder and card stock through my “purse” (Sizzix Texture Boutique). ¬†I cut the embossed card stock into quarters. I inked all of the edges lightly with black to define them a bit. I laid them out on my card base until I was happy with the placement. (I’m not a measurer – I usually eyeball it and sometimes you can tell (!) but that makes it personal – right?) ¬†I¬†adhered them to the base with foam dimensionals.¬†I cut a piece of the same card stock using Nestabilites #8. ¬†I inked the edges and stamped the sentiment “happiness” from Stampin’ Up’s Warm Words set and adhered it with more foam dimensionals. I added ribbon and a cheating bow (you tie the bow and glue it to the flat ribbon – sometimes its just the best option).

That’s it. I hope it inspires you to try the letterpress technique – it really stretches the use of your embossing folders not to mention being pretty darn cute!

Have a great Saturday!


Just a note…


On a different note… (tee hee, couldn’t resist!)

This card was lots of fun to make. It also was a lesson in salvage!

Do you ever look at a project and find you are afraid to do something or add something in fear of messing it up? Or do you do something or add something and find that you did indeed “mess it up”? Well this was one of those days!

This card was supposed to be 4¬ľ” x 5¬Ĺ” but when I was scoring it, I scored it at 5″ not 5.5″ (done that a few times!) so I end up with a card that is 4¬ľ” x 6″ with the top being only 5″. So I decided I would take advantage of that and put the sentiment on the bottom where it would also be on the inside. THEN, I messed up when I was writing the sentiment so I decided to cover the original with a piece of black card stock and write it again in white. Geez, what else was going to go wrong? Thankfully, that was all…. for this card! Moral of the story, don’t be afraid – its only paper and you can fix it. It may not be exactly what you had in mind but I know I’ve found many times it is better. I also have a stack of “works in progress” that I just get stumped while making it and put it aside and come back to it another day. I think that is my biggest challenge – pushing past the fear of screwing up!

Anyway, on with the card….

The base is white card stock. I took another piece of white card stock and stamped the trumpets (Trumpet stamp from Art Gone Wild) with Versamark ink and embossed with clear embossing powder. I then ran it through my Sizzix Texture (the cute little guy that looks like a purse – – I love it. I also have a Big Shot but for embossing, I always go back to my “purse”!!). I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder “allegro” – a very cool sheet of music and then inked over it with black Distress ink. I really loved the effect of both of the types of embossing together.

I took a piece of red card stock and covered the edges with Versamark ink and embossed with clear embossing powder (just for a bit of shimmer) and adhered it to the base. I cut the embossed piece down to 3¬ĺ” x 4¬Ĺ” (1/4″ less than the red piece) and adhered it to the red one. As I mentioned, I messed up the sentiment at the bottom, so I took black card stock cut to 4″ x 5¬ĺ” and adhered it to the inside of the card and wrote my sentiment “just a note” with a white pen so it shows on the front of the card as well as on the inside. I finished it off with a black and white polka dot ribbon and added a red button from a stash of old buttons.

Wow, I think it took longer to explain making the card than it did to actually make it! Really have to look into videos…..