home – where the mess is!

home - where the mess is on metal

What fun!
I saw on Pinterest (a truly dangerous place!)a super cute project transferring photos with a gel medium on to metal. They used metal roofing flashing (mine is 5×8) which is soooooo inexpensive (aka cheap!) and comes with a built-in stand for your project! So, I rushed out and bought a few and that was that….they sat.

Today, I wanted to make something for a friend and really wanted to use a wood block but I didn’t have one in the right size. In my search, I came across my metal friends! Before you wonder what kind of friend I am, this is not the project that I’m making for her! I wanted to test how the various mediums would work on metal before I started on hers.
Like so many mixed media projects, it has a life of its own! I started in one direction (wish I had taken a picture because it was so far from the finished project!) and almost threw it away because it went way South at one point. But one thing I really like with mixed media is that point where it just seems to come together.

This is a mix of gesso, Mod Podge, acrylic paints, distress stains, various stamp inks and Faber Castell pens with techniques including stamping, stenciling, paper piecing and just plain ole finger painting!!
I hope you like it and that it encourages you to get creating!

Fear is the greatest obstacle to creativity ….
Be fearless!


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